Freshleaf Moringa Oleifera™

Freshleaf Moringa Oleifera™

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Demand has continued to grow for this amazing new product since its debut during Oscar Week!

Why You Want It

Known as the "Miracle Tree" in Himalayan India where it grows, Moringa Oleifera redefines "superfood."

Its been featured on several daytime TV shows for its incredible wellness and energy benefits, stemming from its power-packed nutritional profile. Moringa Oleifera leaves contain:

** Seven times more vitamin C than an orange

** Three times the potassium of a banana

** Three times the iron of almonds, and as much as 25 times more than spinach

** Four times the calcium of milk, and twice the protein

** 47 different antioxidants

With a nutritional profile this amazing, its no wonder Moringa Oleifera has been said to benefit everything from energy, endurance, focus, healthy blood sugar - its even been said to help aid weight loss!

Why This Product Is The Best Choice

From the moment of its debut to celebrities during Oscar Week festivities 2013, Freshleaf Moringa™ has been the premier Moringa supplement.

Leaves are picked fresh and kept whole - no extracts are used. The fresh leaves are sorted, washed and dehydrated within hours to protect the FULL nutritional value. They're then milled into powder, and steam treated for purity.

NO other Moringa supplement takes this level of care for freshness, purity and maximum nutritional benefit!

Why This Is The Best Place To Get It

Every product on this site is backed by our 365-day "Feel-Better-or-It's-FREE™" Guarantee. If it doesn't work or you're not happy for any reason, return whatever is left (even the empty bottle) within one year and get your money back. No hoops to jump, no questions to answer. Simple and secure.

No auto-billing or auto-shipping ever. Should you decide you want more, you'll just have to come back and buy more. There will never be surprise charges on your credit card.

You can be confident that this is the highest-quality, best value version of this product available anywhere. We settle for nothing less!

Where Does It Fit?

The Rag Tag Research Geeks Blueprint For Health is a simple plan to help you build an effective supplement routine.

Moringa is unique in that it falls into multiple areas of the Blueprint. It's multiple vitamins and minerals put it on the Ground Floor plus it is part of the 2nd Floor - Antioxidants are as important to your health as your Master Bedroom is to your home - and Moringa contains 47 different ones! It's weight loss abilities also put it in the Rooftop category of Customized Support.

Click here to learn more about the Blueprint.

Retail Price: $54.99 ...
Our Price: $39.99


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