Raspberry Ketones That Work

Most Raspberry Ketone Products
Don't Work Because...

...They Have Very Little
Actual Raspberry Ketones
In Them

They have all sorts tricks, like synthetic copies and proprietary blends ... and legally they can still advertise 250mg or 300mg because that's the size of the whole pill with all the other cheap ingredients mixed in.

Ever since Dr. Oz proclaimed Raspberry Ketones as his #1 weight loss supplement, companies have been rushing to cash in on his recommendation. Unfortunately, most are pushing mediocre products [at best].

Natural Raspberry Ketones Are Safe And Effective

Natural Raspberry Ketones are simply an extract of red raspberries. They've been used as a food and drink additive for decades. So if you can eat raspberries, you should have no problem with real raspberry ketones.

Do they work? Again, Natural (as opposed to synthetic) raspberry ketones have been found in studies to inhibit fat production and stimulate fat loss. They do this by increasing a hormone called adiponectin, which is responsible for regulating our fat stores.

So ... How can you be sure the Raspberry Ketones you are taking are worth your time and money?

3 Things To Look For
When Buying Raspberry Ketones

1. Look at the label. You want to see Natural Ketones from raspberries - NOT synthetic. And definitely no green tea or any other "superfood". If it lists any other ingredient (or worse - says "proprietary blend"), then what you're getting will be precious little Raspberry Ketones. And isn't worth your money.

2. You want to see at least 500mg per serving. This is the human equivalent to the amount shown to produce the results in the studies everyone is talking about. 100 -200mg isn't going to do much for you.

And if a company won't show you the actual label - run the other way!

3. Insist on an established, reputable company. Too many websites are thrown up today just to take as many orders as they can - and then disappear before ever having to answer to those customers. Look for reviews on 3rd party sites like ShopperApproved.com and ratings from agencies like the BBB. Find a company that you can trust to NOT automatically bill you every month.


3 Things to Stay Away From
When Buying Raspberry Ketones

1. Stay away from pictures of Celebrities. Yes, they like raspberry ketones for the same reasons we do ... however, as far as we know, not one major celebrity has ever endorsed any particular brand. So if you see their picture on a web site, then that company is being dishonest.

2. Stay away from most "Free Trials." They can be hard to cancel and typically have very little actual raspberry ketones in them anyway.

3. Stay away from synthetic copies and proprietary blends. If a product doesn't show exactly how much NATURAL raspberry ketones are in it ... then how much do you think you are getting?  

Also, the clinical studies everyone is talking about used ketones from real raspberries - not the synthetic copy. But now that they're so "hot" the real thing is harder to find. If it doesn't say "natural".. it probably isn't.


So What Should You Do Now?

First, go get Simply Raspberry Ketones™. (the 3-Pack is best). Not only does it meet all the requirements above, it's also gluten free and certified vegeterian.

Second, plan to take at least 1,000mg per day. Yes - that's a lot more than most say you need. But that's the amount it took to get results in the studies. This is a full 30-day supply at that dose.

Third, be prepared for the difference!

Get Simply Raspberry Ketones™ Now

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