aProven Acai Berry

Most Acai Products Don't Work Because ...
They have very little actual Acai in them

...Acai is an expensive ingredient
that has to be imported from Brazil

They have all sorts of fancy names for it like a proprietary blend — in which case they won't even tell you how much acai is in it. And legally they can still advertise 500mg or 1000mg because that's the size of the whole pill with all the other cheap ingredients mixed in.
So ... How can you be sure the acai berry you are taking is worth your time and money?


3 Things To Look For When Buying Acai...

1. Stay away from most "free trials." They can be hard to cancel and typically have very little actual acai berry in them.
2. Look at the label. You want to see "berry skin & pulp" (ideally freeze dried to preserve the nutrients) no seeds or roots. And you want to see at least 1000mg dosage (most accomplish this with two 500mg capsules because the smaller capsule is easier to swallow)
*if the web site won't show you the label ... run the other way.

3. How many pills are in the bottle. Some very well known general nutrition chains are selling 30 capsule bottles at 500mg and 60 capsule bottles at 250mg, both of which will only last 15 days. They do this because it makes the price "appear" to be half as much as other places.


3 Things To Stay Away From When Buying Acai...

1. Stay away from pictures of Celebrities. Yes, they like acai for the same reasons we do ... however, as far as we know, not one major celebrity has ever endorsed any particular brand. So if you see their picture on a web site, then that company is being dishonest.

2. Stay away from extracts and blends (4:1, 5:1 or any other ratio). Some companies blend acai with green tea, cleansing agents, etc. They do this because acai is expensive and imported from Brazil. So by blending it with cheap ingredients they hold down the cost. They may say we have a 1000mg capsule, but how much of that is actual acai berry?

3. Stay away from roots. Who eats the roots? The roots have never been tested for anything. Just goes to show you how creative these companies can get when the supply of acai can't keep up with demand.

So What Should You Do Now?

First, go get aProven Acai product.
(the 3-pack is best)
Second, expect to take at least 1000mg/day. Many take 1000mg/dose twice a day (myself included) ... and as far as we know this is the only product on the market that is a full month supply at 2 doses per day (120 capsules) ... aProven Acai.

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* No other terms and condition. No fine print of any kind, isn't it nice to leave the lawyers out, it saves all of us money.

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